Saitama Prefecture Bonsai Town. A land where a bonsai wholesaler who once existed in Tokyo was displaced from a war disaster and moved to a group. At the time there were rules like the present fence regulations, such as showing bonsai on the roadside in order to plan the control of the cityscape, large pine forests are dotted around the area, forming a neat townscape.
The building of this plan is a public corporation type building which has been used for a long time as an employee dormitory.
It has been carried out full renovation as part of the client's effective use of assets.



In order to create a new face for the property, I made a color scheme that imaged the lifestyle of the land and the residents.
The color scheme is applied to the entrance retaining wall, the existing trunk room door, and the entrance door. I tried to produce the brightness of the property.
A large planting zone will be established near the entrance of two buildings, and planting will be planned to grow beautifully even in the daylighting environment on the north side. It plans to plant the full-length of the bonsai town, and to plant the full-scale honeydew, fine leaf holly, variegated jade, ginkgouge, himeschara and so on, to feel the transition of the four seasons.



We cut out some balcony fences of the first floor dwelling unit so that we can get down to our private garden. The private garden has a bonsai stand that symbolizes a garden with bonsai, and it can be used for outdoor barbecues.





Internally modified existing layouts. In view of cost performance, the transfer of water around was minimized, and the ceiling height was secured and the finish was characterized to define the co-area space that is the point. With the early start-up after the start of leasing, we were able to implement a plan with a balanced design in the leasing business.