View the planned building from the north road. The old appearance of the tiled roof looks better than the new handrail wall. The balance between the amount of greenery and the architecture of the south side trees raised carefully is good.


A renovation project of the house for two generations in Machida City, Tokyo. We had a request to restructure a large house where a mother lived alone, so that her eldest son’s family with a baby could live with her. The two-story house was relaxedly arranged in a relatively large land; we extended a path to the upstairs using the surplus of the land and took away the existing stairs, thus securing the privacy of the two households. We set up a drawing room accessible from both, as a hub to maintain a good distance between the two. In order to keep the consistency of the appearance of the existing building and the extension design, we built a tiered terrace along the outer wall, leading up to the extended rooftop. Wrapping the existing and extended parts with green, we intended to harmonize the new building with the old.


Look at the LDK of a second floor child household. The three rooms are united, and the sun light is brought to the center by the sufficient light from the south side terrace which has been expanded.


View the second floor living room. A loft with a nostalgic ceiling is newly installed at the top of the kitchen.


First floor parent household. Move the north side LDK to the south side. Guest room and bedroom to the north side. I left a fixture and a kitchen hanging door with memories.


Entrance space dedicated to the children's household extended We go to the first floor parent household through the customer who becomes a hub from the door on the back right side.


1st floor LDK Perth


A terrace is newly built to surround the upper part of the lower house. Following the career of a couple who has moved to Stillwater, Oklahoma, he chooses a coloring that evokes the area. Soft sunshine and wind controlled by colorful larch trees are brought into the room.