Aiming for intimate architecture

Horse Owners’ Club was built with semi-outdoor European stable style. Putting the comfort of horses first, we built the stable facing to the south-east, with 20 stalls of 3 m × 3.6 m. As for the tractor yard's overhanging roof built with 6-meter 2×10 lumber, the height was based on that of the horse rider’s head, and the slope based on the growth of grass on it. By curving the eaves, we made a structure where wind blowing through beams sent hot air in the stalls away. We also designed the front opening of each stall to be friendly as well as comfortable for
horses to swing head not bite each other.


We set up horse ties and washrooms around. I imagined that the landscape with a horse was in the woods. The lawn planted on the roof is intended for insulation and continuity of the landscape with the golf course.



In order to protect the horse from the moisture, the foundation level is set along the natural topography, and it is a raised floor so that the rain water falling from the grass roof does not damage the outer wall. The outer wall of the tree is provided with 1200x1200 windows, respectively, allowing the horse to enjoy the scenery outside. The ceiling height of the rental space is determined by the bounce height of the truck bed entering the rear Oga storage area.


A 3m x 3.6m stall. The distance between the opening and the opening is 1,200 mm so that the horses next to each other do not hesitate, and the wall also functions as a bearing wall.