A forest surrounding the Shinto shrine approaching the entire surface opens in front of a terrace.


Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku. When this house meeting Yoyogihachiman stands in the porch, it is Karuizawa or totally falls into an illusion standing still in some forest. What is given green is so comfortable; want to take a deep breath some other time what.

A site of maximum pitch difference 6.5m that a house does not get into eyes if a passerby does not look up. What I opened up to make a road afterwards is located in this ground which was on the site integral with adjacent Yahata Shrine on the sunken road made of opportunities once.

Other than easiness of good point and comfort of the comfort, this main proposition was how you adopted "the making use of the surrounding landscape in the design of a garden" that was full of this green. Originally this building made with duplex house specifications examined the new construction plan at first, but it might be enough by renovation construction in the opening-like space and decided what planning did in renovation plan from the viewpoint of an existing building having been cube-formed simple constitution of 9.3m *7.5m and existing tree planting preservation.



It wants to improve building performance to want you to do the roof, a fireplace, the landscape plan only in the slant place to view making use of the surrounding landscape in the design of a garden, Yoyogi Park from a distance to be concrete to have got nervous as a demand of the owners. It was contents to want to give each place, space, design a meaning for the design functionally that was consistent while it asked it, and there was the demand of shoes.


Because the thing which is the mid century when the furniture is modern is chosen, space is stylish and is finished individually.


Therefore I performed a trial to perform structure inspection of the second floor, and to widen existing space. It was with the constitution that green jumped into near at hand when I stood in the kitchen as well as living dining while cooking and aimed at creating extensive space.
These design including the fence of a banister and the balcony was simple and used the iron thing with the feel of a material. It will be not to have had you understand these design that it cannot be necessarily said, "it is fail-safe" without understanding of an owner and a cultivated sense by the family constitution that a child comes to. I aimed at the design that melted into scenery for the feeling one feeling that I wanted to make use of making use of the surrounding landscape in the design of a garden in by all means naturally.


The spiral staircase which I custom-ordered takes the role of the accent of the entrance like a totally big sculpture.


In addition, I performed reconstruction to extend an existing spiral staircase, and to enable access to roof terrace, second floor terrace, an approach terrace of the first floor and the welcome terrace among retaining walls.
Many terrace space piled on top of the top with a bottom, and the innocent planting that I planted newly mixed with the tree which let you feel the history, and the landscape design which showed various expressions was in this way built.


The entrance of a warm impression. The door sliding aside lets you feel some sum.


The other is important; it is the gate of the entrance that the feature became. It became that the gate of three pieces of big wooden sliding doors was superior in locking automatically functionally. The door which used the pure tree for the part which faced the car street was the design that it was difficult that the green light did not readily appear at a fire retarding point of view, but tried the face of the house hard when I thought about not only the building but also garden and neighboring environment when this door where it was wanted to realize it somehow here because the feel and an expression were important at all.


I understand that it is a house standing on a sunken road judging from a section.


When I make hole through the door and look up at the green of the pergola roof, I catch sight of green hanging down from the welcome terrace covering the wall kindly. Bean trees grow thick on the spiral staircase, and the garden which can enjoy the trees and plants which accepted every approach in a season spreads out.
The house which rich time drifted to on a sand bar plaster wall, the house among pure materials of the teak and a terrace full of the green was completed.


Crient Personal owner
Location Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Building use Detached house (renovation)
Structure Two-story wooden
Building area 77㎡
Total floor area 141㎡
Completion April 2013