Tract level facade. Constructed a steel gate to surround the existing retaining wall. In the upper part of the pergola, it is planned that the plants with vines will flourish from the soil at the upper part of the Otani stone retaining wall.


The initial plan was to take down the house and construct a new one to secure a parking space, but ended up renovating it due to the difficulty of some of the works, to the preservation of the landscape, and to the cost of construction. At the site you can see that plants such as Asian hornbeams and camphor trees are continuing from Yoyogi Hachiman located right in front of it. It led us to create a place where you can enjoy the same kind of green as Yoyogi Hachiman in many ways. On the first floor visitors are surrounded by green in the garden, and on the second floor and rooftop, green and everyday life co-exist side by side.


I look at the facade on the back of Yoyogi Hachimangu Shrine. In contrast to the rough skin of Inuside, it has a delicate balcony terrace. It has acquired a space like a tree house.


Enjoy different levels of green

The site has a staircase-like structure with the maximum height difference of 6.5m. We put effort to create unified architecture by incorporating green into every corner from the rooftop added anew to the security gate. The balcony beside the second floor of the living room, dining room and kitchen as one space was renovated so that fresh air of this area such as in the mountains spreads all around. Each member of the owner family, who hopes for life with green, loosely settles in their own place, naturally centered on this open balcony.






The first floor garden is half-shaded by a large Inushi tree, so we are planting a tree that suits the environment such as Shimatoneri and Momiji as a blindfold. The approach garden has a space where sleepers are laid, and planters are lined up on top of the existing retaining wall, and it is planned to enjoy seasonal flowers.



Crient Personal owner
Location Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Building use Detached house (renovation)
Structure Two-story wooden
Building area 77㎡
Total floor area 141㎡
Completion April 2013