Owner and pet dog relaxing in the living room. Various lights coming from the old and new windows are intermingled.


This building is a private residence originally designed by Osamu Ishiyama Laboratory, which I used to belong. We happened to handle the improvement design of this house, which is surrounded by extraordinary green. The design theory of the architect incorporated all around the house made me feel a sense of nostalgia, while we had to fill the gap between the house as it was and the one the client envisioned. With the need to upgrade the heat insulation and waterproof capacity because the house was built 30 years ago, a full renovation was planned. We also considered dismantling the extension of the sunroom, but ended up keeping it as a luxurious space where a plenty of sunlight comes in on the north side.


The green and the light are flowing, the air is fluffy.


Added a window to the solarium that the previous owner added to the room and made it conservatory. A light that is gentle to the living room is carried from the north side in a stable manner, creating a relaxing space.


Left: Look at the landing from the bedroom on the second floor. The top light opened in this repair.  Right: from the kitchen. A glimpse of the living room from the small window opened in the stairs wall.


People go with the light, the mind goes around, the time goes around, the sound goes around, the wind goes around

The essence of the design by the architect Osamu Ishiyama: a ceiling shaped like a ship’s bottom; eaves that collect rain falling onto the roof and tension members used for railroads to support those; a rooftop entrance through a hatch for vehicles; and ascetic window design. Keeping some of the essence of the original design, we re-designed light movement and atmosphere that comes with it: the direct light from the top; the one from side windows, which tells you the time of the day; the one down from a porthole; the one that shines on the back of leaves; the one through bamboo blinds; the fantastic one through strips of glass on the floor; and the dim one that reaches the basement. The diversity of the light melts into one and moves around the house.


Crient Personal owner
Location Setagaya-ku.Tokyo
Building use Detached house (renovation)
Structure Three-story wooden
Site area 84.29㎡
Building area 40.77㎡
Total floor area 133.45㎡
Completion July 2014
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