A white dome-shaped roof is symbolic, and there is a feeling of foreign country which does not let you limit a country in the overall atmosphere.

There was station building "Lusca" in a station building of JR Hiratsuka Station, and, in commemoration of this 40th anniversary, a repair plan of the roof happened. A rooftop garden is "a forest of Lasker", "restaurant Riviera", the design supervision of "Captain's Cabin".
Originally it was "how what at first you must put it for made the shade" when I thought about solar cause to pour particularly spending time in the roof in the summertime. The influence that heat environment gave a plant was worried about. In addition, because originally it was an old building, live load was limited, and there was a limit to weight such as a lawn or the water and had to design the design depending on the environment.

Originally a net is set up and will push forward planning under the theme of the rooftop garden where this area used as a tennis court, green to look good with the sea breeze because, actually, I knew the present conditions that a user decreases sharply are rich in. Letting green coexist in an open place, the space having high publicity. It was necessary to aim at the essential place that felt relaxed of an atmosphere of the whole department store and the people who relaxed there.


The lawn which I am slanted gently, and swells out. The figure of children beginning to run unintentionally.

I place the lawn which let you make a mound the center. I can reduce overall weight by using the lightweight soil called the aqua soil. Because a lawn had ups and downs, I sat depending on a person and designed that play ばせたりなど, movement were over a child in mind. It was with the open space of the forest where a floor and the parasol which I painted with in the resin-based plasterer materials who imitated a sandy beach shined in a blue sky.


The atmosphere of a terrace dropping a shadow and the light of the plant from the gap of the roof is like the event in some far-off destination.

The north side and the south side are a sunshine filtering through foliage terrace and stages of the forests. In the space that the pergola roof which I installed in the north side lets light to come in relieve, and can create movement. I can take a rest while feeling sunshine filtering through foliage to be at the bench in the bottom.


This space where there is what I imaged from a beginning inward, and the air which is the outside floats rootlessly.

I remembered the architect who came when I took a trip to Sri Lanka, a hotel of Geoffrey Bawa once. It is located between nature and the vague boundary line of the building, and outside, a terrace and the salon space that he deals with are the inside and are the space where the name is hard to touch it very, but the place is very attractive. The place that passage of time is unique, and can feel the outside in spite of being a residence in a room. I designed it on thinking about terrace space this time while remembering a feeling of the light, comfort, the sense including the view at that time.


A hotel in Sri Lanka where architect Geoffrey Bawa built the upper photograph.


The left: I sit on a bench sheet and think that I want you to feel a change of the light. The right: The door which can release a meal while looking at a terrace to be able to do it.


I performed repair work and renovated the existing restaurant.
It became the space that had you enjoy a meal when I went the rooftop garden for making use of the surrounding landscape in the design of a garden.


Concerning the top of the building, it was the sun to have been anxious above all. It is like an oasis coming in a building.


Crient Shonan station bill inc.
Location Takara-cyo,Hiratsuka-shi,Kanagawa
Building use commercial facility (Rooftop garden)
Building area 746.69㎡
Total floor area 3020.35㎡
Completion JUNE 2014
the magazine carrying the articles LANDSCAPE DESIGN No.96 2014.6