It’s difficult to make a good use out of a rooftop space of not only commercial buildings but any in general. Strong wind, harsh sunlight and dry air don’t make it good environment for plants to grow. It’s the same for people that they don’t find any reason to get out of the air-conditioned sales floor to come all the way up to the uncomfortable space. This project aims to find a solution for that problem and an ideal use of rooftops of future commercial buildings. We designed the building with an image of a water surface-like lawn, a wharf, and a beach, fitting for the existing seaside-themed restaurant. We created the space with pergolas to protect from the hot sun and allow you to relax comfortably. Aiming to keep the volume of green and to reduce the maintenance cost, we adopted the Aqua Soil method for the environmentally-friendly rooftop gardens with water tanks and without needing to spray.


A panoramic view from the terrace of a resin-based plasterer who looked on the beach. The relationship between the sunbeams terrace and the accompanying construction benches and lawn mounds, which are set up to increase occupancy rates as a rest space.


View the feature sofa bench at the bottom of the pergola eaves. Secure the most important soil volume for rooftop greening. It is designed to secure the amount of greenery of plants that climb toward the top of the pergola.


I look at the outdoor terrace. Planting olives that endure dryness using existing gas lamps. Producing a European style that matches the naming.


A photo of a whale looking into the waters of Shonan. The dome roof is left as a symbol of the station, and it is used as a glass handrail so that the amount of green on the roof can be seen from the ground.


Shaped an undulation with foam and aqua soil and embedded the lawn.


See the planting in the sun terrace. Sunbeams are planted in the girder to speed up the completion of greening on the terrace. A wooden blind is provided to ensure that the vegetation speed does not decline in strong sunlight, and the leaf water content is secured.




Crient Shonan station bill inc.
Location Takara-cyo,Hiratsuka-shi,Kanagawa
Building use commercial facility (Rooftop garden)
Building area 746.69㎡
Total floor area 3020.35㎡
Completion JUNE 2014
the magazine carrying the articles LANDSCAPE DESIGN No.96 2014.6