The houses, once considered to be taken down for new buildings, kept long vacant. We undertook the renovation of those, as it’s more valuable to keep those in order to save the atmosphere of the former vacation home area, as well as to reduce the burden to the neighborhood and the environment. We aimed to create a village- like community, taking advantage of the houses scattered around the site. We placed slightly curved bamboo fences, communal tiered terraces, showers, numbers on buildings, and alley space where children
play however they like. We believe the awareness of the whole site, the Kugenuma Village, as communal space, without dividing it into segments, leads the residents to think of it as “their own garden” and maintain the value of it together.


See the space around the crosspiece terrace. Organize a workshop event for resident participation. Create shared external table and wood board. The boundaries of each wing are obscured by the site plan.


Open exterior village form that extends to the city

We placed a plenty of green to match the surrounding such as the exterior of the houses to present the relaxed atmosphere of the Village: symbol trees to represent the open lifestyle of Shonan; plants on corners and ends of alleys that catch your eye and make you feel the seasons; fruit trees to add colors and give pleasure of harvestingin communal space; salinity-tolerant groundcovers thatremind you of a beach. On the basis of the open exteriorconcept and the idea that a good relationship in a neighborhoodcreates as a result safety without relying on a mechanical security system, we didn’t set up any fences so that anyone can come in freely. In order to make it easy to recognize that there’re eight households, we made it clear by placing the signs on the façade of each building and house. With unified signs, posts and colors of the buildings as a whole, we set a psychological boundary but not a physical one to see the community born in the Village will spread to the city.


Finished facade image. Emphasis was placed on adjusting facades while establishing approaches for the first and second floors and securing parking spaces. Australian porters paint is used for coloring of 4 buildings. Compatibility with the green is good and you can taste the secular change.


The notion of proprietary and shared parts is extremely vague, and the boundaries are relationships that are secured by plant and individual morals.