In the impressive design which can have identity well simply because it is a public signature.


It is the renovation project of a terrace house (all four eight houses) built in the place called Kugenuma Matsugaoka that is close to the sea of Shonan. I put an appearance design and a landscape design for a concept by "a living without the fence which a person connected to the town led" to.


Each other's houses choose the paint with the texture of nature which the neighbors harmonize with, a color as the wall surface which they paint and divided into two colors.


I plunged living without the fence, this into realization wonderfully, and, in other words, a road and the relations of the site were fully open, and it became an opening-like location. It may be the plan that privacy and various concern matters stand earlier in the middle of the downtown area and cannot readily realize.


The circumference of the house is filled with green. The boundary line does not have that I build a wall, and there are a plant and the slow movement of off-and-on holidays.


All the circumference of the house prepared around conducting wire so that children could run around around a house. Various alley space was born by doing so it and thought so that it was with one of the scenery of this village. I mix gravel and a lawn and lay it so that the concrete facing of carriage porch space monopolizing most pavement ground of the site makes a gap daringly, and a lawn can run a runner. A plant with the seaside tolerance that I planted here and there adds floral art to the color.


The shadow of a tree reflected in the wall is like the picture and is beautiful. The design of the post is one, and an expression strongly changes.


As for this unique developing paint which used porters paint made in Australia in four keys to building color, each color gives cityscape rhythm with nature and a hue to melt into it.


Work writing in various plants at in a drawing is unbearable and is fun. At a moment planning it, I am excited most, and imagination spreads.


In addition, I posted much Green on the site. The trees and plants which let a symbol tree becoming the symbol of the project, a corner and the end of the alley feel a season. The fruit tree which gives color and the pleasure of the crop in the common use space. Planting to let you image the beach conveying the charm of the seaside area soon of the sea. I thought and planted balance of color coordination and the planting of the appearance.


So that when both a child and adult touched the hand, material and the feel of a material inlaid the point with think that it is comfortable.


I planned it to have a resident feel opening-like Shonan life.
The symbol tree is crape myrtle having a long period with a flower. Because I give an atmosphere refined in some way around, the crape myrtle of the white blossom thinks that I take part in the cityscape with the storm pine wood only in this area though I direct a street corner while untying it, and being crowded. It greatly blooms in the early spring, and the rhododendron which I planted in a pair to each crape myrtle blooms, and the flower such as the bubble of the crape myrtle will shine in the blue sky to run after it.


For the scenery in the days of the child who recalls it after becoming an adult, such a piece should revive.


After the completion, I carried out the workshop which made a tree version of the participation type with a resident. It is something like name card to have the tree version names trees and get close. I think that I realize that I live while feeling living while sympathizing together, neighbor signs of life by how to make and a device of trifling space.

I think that it should be in such a place that a conversation and the connection that there is many it are born, and mixes through a garden to tie four ridges to physically and trees planted there naturally.