The tolerant 3-story house where guests gather

Motonakayama, Funabashi-shi, Chiba. It is a wooden 3-story house built on the flat narrow ground.
A plan was plunged this house which wrapped up four families into depending on a found function and style reasonably, and the structure body which followed it was planned. I chose the earthquake-resistant class second grade of the plywood both sides tension for full-scale structure in consideration of quake resistance.


A connotation plan and the unification that are in the appearance form

A garage and an inner balcony facing the road were deep and were run and planned unification of a connotation plan and the form expression of the appearance in a thing with the unbalanced building block-formed appearance. In addition, I introduced variable partitioning positively, and each floor kept planning tolerant together in mind in order to break off the subdivision of the plan to be forced to by narrowness place 3 stories. Second floor living and the stairs conducting wire became the form to be connected directly with from the viewpoint of area efficiency, but I installed big curtain partitioning and balanced air conditioning load reduction with patency. In addition, I put framing, and it intended that it was with eaves effect and helped prevention of dirt of a rain-cover of the approach, a bicycle place and the outer wall in order to expose the special feeling of the second floor living space that a family thought about carefully to the appearance in fact. I plan the big relationship space where a family and neighboring mom friends gather in the first floor. The large entrance dirt floor of the frontage and the relationship space of one body which accompanied it completely connected it with parlor space and came to acquire high space of the patency only in the wooden construction axis group space.


a small garden

Although the site had no room, I crossed the planter of 200mm in width 700mm in depth to 6m in the approach space to the entrance hall and I established it and did an approach garden with constitution to fall out, and to arrive at the entrance. I planted the tree which had you send it from the parents' house of the client who ran landscape gardening business in commemoration of new construction in whole family and celebrated completion.
A rich feeling thanks the person concerned members in having become the house which can last together the inside and outside while a site limitation condition is severe.


Presentation sheet 1F


Presentation sheet 1F


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Crient Personal owner
Location Motonakayama,Funabashi-shi,Chiba
Building use House
Structure Three-story wooden
Site area 74.96㎡
Building area 45.81㎡
Total floor area 129.94㎡