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The cause of Ribita request suggesting a renovation and the living is the work of the model room coordinates that I pushed forward. A thing that "ReAGE Tsukuba Kasuga" develops the model room of four styles for a person planning one entering to live from now on and suggests it. I choose the room fitting one's lifestyle and am the apartment of the suggestion type that I can enter. In four styles, we were in charge of the furniture coordinates of three rooms.


I put the fabric of the ethnic taste in the sofa with the unhurried depth and am totally like the resort.

Various scientific system companies and makers moved a base, and an apartment and the house for people of much working were built in the town of Tsukuba where an international science and technology exposition was ever carried out in 1985. As for the cityscape of Tsukuba, the new citizen-based town planning that is different from the gaiety at that time again becomes the problem, and this article is a project that a renovation does the building which was the dormitory of a pharmaceutical company built in the time now.

By the way, three rooms totally different in the personality part from "a luxurious plan" for "outdoor plan", "a standard plan".


Though it is a slight thing, "the corridor" having room and natural light enter abundantly.

By "the luxurious plan ," I performed a plan of the richness and 贅, feel of a material, the thing such as the room feeling associated with the keyword carefully. Originally I modify the partitioning that there was and wanted to make extensive living dining, but I think that it is important for starting an accent to be able to use a place properly by a one use and be available and do a change in a preparation dividing each zone extremely naturally to material or the height such as a floor, a wall, the ceiling.

In addition, another characteristic is a certain W1800 wide corridor. I converted the slim corridor in front of the entrance which was common in apartments into the space with the breast like a lounge. The chair of the kapok with a large-sized leaf and the bold antique. The mementos in the destination where I went for a shelf in families meet it at the door.


I choose the thing which an accessory and cloth loved forever are simple as possible, and wears well.


The element that, however, appearance すこができる was superior in the personality that the blackboard can easily come out if I use the painting agent.

I made the space that valued refined feel of a material and warmth with "the standard plan" despite "standard “. Though it was a usual place, I took in "a blackboard" with a meaning to have a change. Standard thing that is wearing well. When I insist on furniture and the furniture which always conflict with a way too much, and a message is too strong, it becomes old with the change in the times. On the other hand, I get tired without being able to have attachment if no characteristic has a plan. Work threading through the middle is difficult above all and thinks that it is a worthwhile theme again.


There not being a boundary line of outdoor namely "the inner and outside." An organic line of flow which considered from there.

"The outdoor plan" really realized a border out of inner and which "there was it inward, and was the outside" not the meaning that I spent outside in the room. Specifically, I adopt a floor to be able to move about with material in imitation of mortar called Mortara Iku barefoot. I spread a green carpet on the extension line and established the organic space and lost a pitch difference to go back and forth in both freely.


Crient Ribita Co., Ltd.
Location Kasuga, Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki
Building use Apartment complex (renovation)
Total floor area 5496㎡
Dwelling unit Room 303 /99 ㎡, Room 304 /120 ㎡, Room 803 /99㎡
The completion April, 2014