Because a bright color is seen on the wall per stab, I am invited from the entrance to the depths of the entrance.


I participated in a plan to renew a library in Azabujuban, Minato-ku. It is collaboration with a Manika Nagare who is Toshio Shimizu and an artist doing the art supervision called TOSHIO SHIMIZU ART OFFICE this time. A thing to picture it in the entrance equal to the face of the library, and to take down the latest large fresco which she draws, and to install a new work picture in each floor. Art and the coexistence of the building are big themes.


A painting was going to continue to the plan "child care open space" space where I went at first, and the left child gathered.


That could deal with public accommodation, but a use becomes clear with "a library", and bring in an art work as some interior until now; was to begin to try it. The work which wind blew through in various colors is drawn on 流 using a clear color.

The concept that was arrived at in the library which was heap of the knowledge called the book, "Layer, is piled up". . In addition, it comes from the land called "Azabujuban" and will use "hemp" in a motif. I brought those themes into the material choice and signatures plans such as a floor or the wall and pushed forward a plan.


It was difficult to draw a picture of the continuity by various circumstances and I was connected by letting you dot with works and showed it.


Of the wonderful color that the work which the wall of the entrance greatly rises organically, and is drawn here waves in was going to undulate. Because it was drawn on the direct wall, of course I was particular about a canvas ground and had a picture framer who did a plasterer person of mortar, cloth tension bind a book. It was very difficult to put a pin and cloth on the wall which became the curved surface. In addition, I performed an overall illumination plan with Yukio Onoda of the IRIS associates.


Colors to become the base every floor are different. I adapt myself to the space, and a sense of unity is born.


It is a wall of the bright golden yellow, an orange work in the other side of a green bookshelf. The whole harmonizes nicely.

The cause decision of talks, I set the color in a basic tone of the interior and the color that it was when I did not drain the color of the theme of each floor, and the work was made being conscious of it. When I looked at the whole, I devised it so that there was art naturally in space.


he stairs space where a cutting sheet called "IROMIZU" is piled up, and gradation of the light appears

In addition, in the stairs hall of the big colonnade which connected a floor and the floor, I made the range of the color with the image that each color overlapped with a cutting seat named "IROMIZU". The color fades while it travels the floor and is finished in the space where nature and a feeling change.

While 流 was an artist, sense of balance was superior one, and a use and the character of the place were grasped well and it was good and knew the influence that an art work brought. In addition, as for the difficulty of realizing it at such a public place. So I discussed it with the person in charge of a construction company and the ward many times, and we would push forward a plan after having talked carefully.


While being based on purple; deep pink, the work are warm color system. Exquisite balance.

It was very difficult to realize all according to image, but the artwork which melted into the entrance where the work which still was splendid approached in front, each floor naturally was completed.