Look at the bookshelf from the entrance on the 4th floor. Turmeric colored on top of the column. Oil is inlaid on the L-shaped wall. The color of the floor material and the bookshelf is the interior that follows the color that makes up the oil.

Exploring the way of art in public buildings and eliminating all connection between art and conventional architectural space. This is a project that has come into existence thanks to an art director and an understanding administrative official in the civil service. The space and art are based on a concept “An overlap of memories, an overlap of colors,” which the artist associated with Azabu, Manika Nagare, came up with. We wanted to make a part of the space look like an art to be approachable to visitors. The entrance walls the visitors look at first are curved so that you don’t see the end of it, and we devised the color scheme with the artist to create an effect as if the colors of those walls spill over each floor.


Look at the entrance wall. Large art works were produced in the atelier and brought to the site after the drying period. We prepared curved surface foundation by construction work and performed delicate pasting work with the hands of Kenji.


I look down on the stairs from the upper floor. Iromizu that follows the color scheme of each floor is stuck on the stairs glass handrail.


View desk space from the bookshelf. The color of the bookshelf, the color of the floor, and the color of the walls are determined by the color of the oil on each floor.


Entrance initial proposal illustration. The art from the automatic door has been changed to a design that flies on a cloud-shaped canvas.