建築コンクール テーマ「幸せにする建築」優秀賞




The outskirts of the housing complex were planned at one corner of the lowest store group in the Yurinoki shopping district.


The engawa of the housing complex is located in the Yuri-no-ki shopping district at the northeastern edge of Hikarigaoka Park Town. The space of FL+ 370 is intended to create a space for relaxed communication: where mom friends or neighboring old folks talk about how the things are; where you get cooking service; where you have a cup of coffee during a walk; where you do volunteering works; where you consult about housing; and where you find ikigai, a meaning for life. The engawa was created as the second living room in the complex helping to make the neighboring residents happy. The various circumstances, such as communication between businesses and customers and among generations and the local community, are not divided but rather make up a place together as a whole: that is the condition for architecture that makes people happy.



Inside the box set up on the outskirts of the complex, samples and goods samples from companies supporting the business of hearing will be stocked. Items are used by the users at the right time, and their voices are collected.




Left: Look at the entrance from the back of the store. I handed a shelf to a ladder-like side stand and arranged a control box. The bottom is used as a work desk. Right: edge side of seat height 370.



Sign indicating the contents of the folder type control box. Related parties gather based on the production drawing and make it by DIY.


On the front side, depending on how you use the shelf and small rise, it will be infinitely multifunctional.