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No-man's-land of the greenhouse structure

The buffering space that connects two space

he buffering space that connects selling space and the classroom space. I greatly take the opening, and wind blows to the east and west. I realize the see-through space that included the structure of the building with the structure that the greenhouse frame which I rake mortar, and was caught in last joke finish and the red cedar tension repeats glass of the 3mm thickness and forms, and was done while being functional.


meeting sauce


When they regard the relations of the building as a garden, some choices are given. I let the space of the window side become dented and let you stick out and let you work as bear and others and surround it and. I can spend favorite time taking a sop of the light in the space. I establish such a section in each place in the shop.


Passing through space

A greenhouse frame and the dirt floor space among Ondulin (corrugated plastic sheet made in France) connect two space and are constructed as a product corner mainly on the planter base. The visitor who stopped a car get into the back parking lot willingly and I can go through it and find the conducting wire to neighboring gardens and the rose sales floor.


Relations of a house and the garden

The outer wall of the building plans to be covered all with rose and other Green in the future. Therefore I made much of the snuggle with a comfortable building for the outer wall materials of the building and relations with the soil, the level sense of distance, a plant including the constitution of the under the eaves space to the maximum. The state of a garden cut out of the room over a housing part frame was pictureless and it was modern and thought about what I drove the purchase will of consumers to moderately and established the opening for all orientation and practiced the matter that it was natural indoor, to be full of wind to drift and light to reflect it indirectly.


The history, location, cost

The production of roses lasting 20 years and the Komatsu garden that I sold. A rose bloomed in profusion in the sales floor and a building and a greenhouse sank behind green and proposed ideal green and the relations of the building. It is one year ago that the move to the district where development is remarkable of the Showa era is decided in anticipation of the future linear opening to traffic, and a first interview did big Saraji. I assumed main structure a lightweight steel frame in order to strongly show the cost performance because it was a building for business and adopted the prefabrication method of construction using the trass beam so that higher space value was provided with a simpler plane shape. The hand is easy to generally arrive in order to have a visitor feel plants as much as possible and the affinity with the building; chose an outer wall with the originality nevertheless.







Crient Komatsugarden inc.
Location Showa-cho.Yamanashi
Building use Green&Rose shop
Site area 1779.10㎡
Total floor area 228.69㎡
Structure Steel frame
Construction period Three months
Photgrapher Kanta Ushio
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