East facade. The left side of the greenhouse frame is a plaster wall, the right side is a wooden board, and the compatibility with roses can be compared. The structure consists of an animal protection fence and an accordion gate for the site.


The previous store that had been producing and selling roses for 20 years in Yamanashi prefecture had an ideal relationship between green and the building; roses were blooming all over in the shop, and the building and greenhouses were surrounded by the deep shades of green. It was a few years ago that the store owners decided to relocate to the area being developed in anticipation of plans of new transport and had a look at a vacant lot. We adopted a prefab construction method using truss beams with light steel frame in order to achieve good cost performance and spatial value with simple plain structure. As the outer wall of the building is planned to be all covered with roses and green, we put maximum focus on building a good relationship between the building and plants, such as the relation between the outer wall material and earth, the height difference and the composition of the eaves spaces.


Architectural facade on the west side seen over the rose seedlings. Composition of steel frame prefab and greenhouse aluminum frame. Escape to the garden on the east side through the greenhouse space.


Look at the south entrance. French corrugated board and rose compatibility. The bolt which holds the corrugated sheet is used as a bar to attract roses.


Initial proposal Perth


East-west elevation. Each outer wall will be covered with roses.

Store design that makes it easy to image gardening

“Of course, it’s important as a store that roses and other goods sell. More importantly, however, we want to inspire customers who're not as interested in plants and to give them a chance to live with green in gardens they already have.” To meet the owners’ idea, the store is divided into three zones: a store zone for sales, a workshop zone for gardening lectures and a greenhouse zone in between them. Each zone is covered by different finishing materials to create an environment where people can easily imagine the relationship among the outer walls, the opening, and the garden in front of these imaging their own garden design.


Crient Komatsugarden inc.
Location Showa-cho.Yamanashi
Building use Green&Rose shop
Site area 1779.10㎡
Total floor area 228.69㎡
Structure Steel frame
Construction period Three months
Photgrapher Kanta Ushio
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