Share living

Perform a renovation of a family dormitory of Keio Corp.; to the share house more than 100 households. I improved a dining room of the material, kitchen space and did the living that 100 people gathered for with high space of the patency utilized neighboring opening conditions. I performed coloring of a beam, a pillar seen on the ceiling and expressed interior space of Skeleton in a minimum and created tasteful furniture and the atmospheres that relaxed that it was green, and were a project concept.


The green life that it is close toThe green life that it is close to

Not only a landscape, I bring abundantly green into the indoor. I watch green and make a rate indoor air conditioning environment mainly on a tree indicating the tolerance and let you promote a feeling of continuation inside and outside the room.


A Himalayan cedar and firefly

mportant requirements of this site it has the existence of a Himalayan cedar and the firefly. I greatly snuggled up with a breeding building, and the Himalayan cedar secured a good sequence of the approach. "Welcome home" there was already the atmosphere of a said place, and it was a mission of the necessity to leave the place. Local, the courtyard was loved for a point to grow wild of the fireflies in rare space sandwiched between the big hill and rivers. The state of the landscape to solve a contradicting matter called the maintenance of the area and the reopening of the facilities with many residents was found.


Share kitchen

The space that surrounded the space between the pillar of the 4.5m grit in a square ground type functions as a center kitchen. The face of people talking over green and the counter of the hanging shelf, the scene with a completed dish develop it in share living every direction and image that I have afference.




Crient ReBITA inc.
Location Tama-shi, Tokyo
Building use dormitory
Structure reinforced concrete construction
scale The number of the total dwelling units 108
Site area 3786.27㎡
Completion 2015
the magazine carrying the articles SHINKENCHIKU.2015.8 / Lives JUNE/JULY2015