It was built in the corner of "Omori lodge" which repaired a tenement houses more than 40 years to be built in Ota-ku, Tokyo old, door-built house.




RIGHT: Relationship with the 2F terrace of the house to carry and an existing arbor and the alley


Eight community which had the gentle connection between the residents through the alley in Omori lodge which I redecorated the wooden house sequentially and made up which left good old attraction has been brought up through various events.
Two tenement house "HAKOBU IE" with the store built at one corner of the site challenges new structure of the lease building a house this time.
I selected a resident earlier while being lease, and the book plan was pushed forward after a process similar to a resident building home by the chief mourner, a designer, 4 people of two sets of residents. The eating and drinking store of the road surface and second floor terrace space are connected to the area and are connected to the conventional alley. This building was designed as the starting point of the town which began to move newly.


Second floor roof & terrace. The scenery of the town melts into the space


I compare only the superficial specifications, and there cannot be the thing that the essential value of the house is talked about under the present conditions of the circulation of the lease real estate to look for a room meeting a lease condition to find through a broker. Because an owner is tied to a resident directly from a plan stage, we who had a question toward the lease house as the investment, the way of the uniformity type lease house by house builder want to create ideal store combined use houses. Such thought occurs at the same time in the people concerned and will push forward development.

The house to carry lets store, terrace, space two connected to the house space to three levels stand in a row and does it with a design to connect a sign with on a terrace of the second floor. Third floor house space does it with constitution lifted into a a miniature shrine form in order to follow a design taste of the existing wooden reconstruction house group when it is a tree pillar of 150×150mm that I introduce a burning charges design in an associate firebreak zone and exposed to a terrace part.
When it is blowing through す vent in the whole Omori lodge, first floor store space, the terrace (aerial alley) of the second floor choose the new wind that is a design concept in a base to send value to.


Scenery in the first floor store "Tagui shokudo"


Third floor residence space introspectiveness. I provide storehouse space for the upper part and utilize space effectively.


A house to carry is a house granting the dream of the resident again. I display the original production bag which the "y a m a m o t o s t o r e" storekeeper which featured the theme of food, clothing and shelter deals with. The cafe space is made, too. The master of "TAGUI SHOKUDO" opens the shop which I like an old thing and folk handicraft, and starts a long-cherished rice ball set meal. I put the thought that I carried a dream of each person, and each matured into and planted abundant planting.


LEFT: ”Jichinsai" The ground-breaking ceremony  RIGHT: ”Joutoushiki" Celebration of the completion of the framework


LEFT: The meeting with ”Omochitsuki-kai"  RIGHT: Summer festival


LEFT: The concrete facing that was founded by a courtyard  RIGHT: the well-side ”Katarai-no-idobata”


In addition, I provided concrete of 5.4×5.4m for the courtyard to accompany. As an event of the whole year, it allows you to cope with a large number of meetings at the time of the holding of the meeting with the rice cake, a summer festival, a wine party, the pizza party.


Crient Personal owner
structual design KAP Hideyuki Hagiuda
Location Omorimachi, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Building use Tenement house with store
Structure Three-story wooden
Building area 56.79㎡
Total floor area 142.88㎡
Completion JUNE 2015
the magazine carrying the articles architect journal No.1242 / SHINKENCHIKU.2015.8