Redevelopment of Sakasagawa-dori street




We designed the street with two themes in mind: “Basic design that never gets old, using natural materials gentle to visitors’ senses,” and “The joy of streets where something is always taking place.” We eliminated vehicles from the core triangle area to create a plaza where pedestrians can calm down and take a break. We placed art objects inspired by the waterside of the former Sakasagawa in the middle of the plaza and circular pavement is laid around as if water ripples from the art objects. Placing the Chinese fringe trees and benches designed after small boats alongside the circular pavement, we added a storyline as if the boats turn into small stones and get carried away to the street.


Look at the street from the triangle square. At lunchtime, office workers are drawn from the office building to the street restaurant. The place that used to be fenced and not used was reborn as a result of the power of the Ashida Redevelopment Promotion Committee and the Design Subcommittee on the Sakawa River Street.


Take a peek at the street. A triangle square is at the end of the curb-walking street. From that point on, it will lead to Aroma Square.


In front of the student hall, the maple trees correspond to large scale buildings and colors, and in front of the Namiki Building restaurant, planting deciduous broad-leaved trees that stand up, and directing the area with benches.


Before Sosio Musee, considering the compatibility with modern architectural designs and the tenants entering the store, we adopted olives and brush trees that are considered relatively dry.


Benches made of white, gray and black granite are different in shape. It was designed in consideration of the appearance, sitability and maintainability combined with the selected trees.


Location Kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Building use Redevelopment of street
The total length 180m
width of road 11.25m
Completion Marchi, 2014
the magazine carrying the articles LANDSCAPE DESIGN No.103 2015.8