Redevelopment of Sakasagawa-dori street




Left: The open space of the gore which assumed utilization as event space. Right: The photo which overlooked the Sakasagawa-dori street


Maintenance plan around former Sakasa-gawa River road becoming a new road maintenance model of Ota-ku.
I let each road reflect "the design which it was basic, and did not weather using the natural material which was kind to the five senses of the person who came" and two themes called "the pleasure of the street which was performed what it was always" as an attractive road design although being universal. In addition, in a road concept and the making of a basic design, I adopted the voice of local inhabitants through workshops to the maximum.


From the photograph left Sakagawa Street ground plan, an overlook photograph (the neighborhood of gore open space), an overlook photograph (the neighborhood of terminal).


I remove a vehicle from the triangle zone becoming the initial point of the street and create the open space space that a walker calms down, and can take the break. I installed the art object which imaged a waterside of the former Sakasa-gawa River in the center of the open space and put the circle-formed pavement that a ripple of the water spread through around here. I located a bench in imitation of a roadside tree and a small boat in the people and did it with the design which gave you the story characteristics that a small boat changed into a pebble, and drifted to just what.


I plant a deciduous broad-leaved tree of the thick growth of vegetation from a single stump in front of a restaurant and direct neighborhood with a bench


When I put it in front of each building along the road, I established the extensive sidewalk space in both sides of the road to draw a slow curve on and did it with the design which could walk relaxedly without a walker being concerned with a car more.


I plant the olive which is congenial to a Western-style building and the tree of brush


Specific examples of the designs which can walk relaxedly without a walker being concerned with a car include the placement of the bench for pavement design, breaks that I put the stripe of the slant straight line in to drop the unification of the reduction of the step between the sidewalk and the road and the pavement design, the speed of the car. In addition, I performed planting of a tree in each space and did the change every season with the road scene which I could enjoy.


The bench which was made with white, a gray color and black granite. Form was different and I considered easiness of appearance and stability and maintenance characteristics and designed it one by one.


Scenery of the lunchtime. It is full of office workers toward the restaurant along the street.


Image sketch of the open space


Location Kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Building use Redevelopment of street
The total length 180m
width of road 11.25m
Completion Marchi, 2014
the magazine carrying the articles LANDSCAPE DESIGN No.103 2015.8