kids 2nds/seconds






3S reuse, reducing, recycling.
Society with the value that is equal to circulating in the market while a recycling product keeps quality, and acquiring a new article. The client who I fixed my eyes on such a society, and continued business with children's clothes in Maine in Futago Tamagawa. I had order to convert an adult item into display sale in the space that there was as stock for Internet sale from increase in demand until now.


Interior such as the big warehouse

It is necessary to show items as many as possible in the property of the business condition more effectively. I halved the warehouse-like space that could store away many items with the part which held household articles height in check to be able to look around the store.


Logo design

he big counter which not only I sell, but also leaving it performs. The space that serves as a photography place to photograph an item, and to use the Internet, and to sell.
I visualize form of the circulation called the reuse, and this store functions as the hub which a supplier, a buyer lead to.


Stock corner

Household articles and the internal fixtures are built in inexpensive materials. I minded while conveying sense of values of the reuse not to spoil times characteristics as the apparel shop.


Style called the reuse

I emphasized an existing top light part and softened the image that was no plane of system ceiling in order to reform the interior decoration of office specifications completely effectively. I provided the space where the part which natural light poured into could image a lifestyle to purchase a reuse product.


Crient happy spiral inc.
Location Tokyo-to Setagaya-ku
Building use used apparel shop