Departing from the outdated, standardized house plans, AM6 is the renovation project which reflects the value of the current residents. We create a space where you feel as if you’re outside while staying inside, a change from the typical plan where a house is opened up to only one direction like a nest box. It’s designed to have a feeling of the fresh morning air as its name AM6 symbolizes; you can feel the subtle movement of your surrounding such as waving green and light, which was difficult with the typical house plan. The space achieving both conditioned temperature and outside-like atmosphere won’t restrict you, thus enabling you to use it however you like.


Model room (type green) Furniture, fabric, indoor green, window accessories, select furniture, order, consistently coordinate to delivery.


View the living space (outdoor setting) from the kitchen space (interior setting). The border design and the finish of each space are clearly divided in order to make it easy to recognize the area.


Left: View the dining space from the kitchen space Right: Work space


Initial proposal illustration. The outdoor living is an image with the second outer wall of the steel frame as a symbol. Interior is decided by the element constituted by each lifestyle.


Living space


The image of Dink's, work-and-housing lifestyle. Planning LDK as a large inner balcony, with kitchen and work space facing it.


Dining space

How many people acquire quality living environment

A house should not be built based only on the theoretical ideas of developers and experts. We believe it should be flexible and have blank space where the residents can express their own lifestyles. In order to achieve that, it’s ideal that the ease of housing purchase is organized and that people can acquire houses without much economic difficulty. Therefore, it’s essential for us to link the concept by the creator with advertisements and create a friendlier environment for prospective clients, and also for architects to suggest ideas to them with profound knowledge of not only design but business perspectives of housing production in addition to interior and green.