Corp Taguchi



In order to secure the ventilation of the exclusive garden, we adopt the old Yamato Zen system. Coloring was carried out with a paint that settles on recycled wood. We planted mottled jaban and rosemary in the swallow to aim for visualization of the air.


Wooden frame apartments have been supplied in large quantities due to the taxation system in Japan. As the time shifted from apartments built on high demand to ones only chosen as one of many options, a number of buildings turned into mere shells. Built 25 years ago, this project required a change in facilities as an apartment to let and flexibility to adapt to changes in style. We aimed to optimize the space efficiency by modifying the typical plan the size of 38 m², 2 rooms with a dining room and a kitchen. For example, we removed the floor of dining rooms and kitchens in the first floor and integrated those as one doma space, or took away ceilings in the second floor and maximized the space. The exterior design was inspired by the will to renovate and the accumulation of the residents’ style.


Modified the balcony handrail wall. We devised so that the way of seeing the one unit of the apartment was loose. The color of the roof, the color of the open fence, and the color of the asphalt are aimed to be colorful.


Left: Change the existing asphalt to a soft finish that leads to the ground of some Hatsuri garden. Right: Perch is installed in the clothesline. Wake up in the morning with a song of birds.


A hanging planter utilizing rain gutters was installed at the meeting post corner. Planted a succulent plant that is resistant to dryness.


Earth plan. Looking at the living dining room with the back at the entrance. Space composition of a big dirt and a small rise. The partition wall is removed and the structure is painted in gray.