Hakuraku, Kanagawa Ward, Yokohama City. This project is located at the juncture of two areas: a lively shopping arcade linked to a station, which is said to be developed from a post-war black market; and a quiet uptown residentialarea called Shinoharadai, sloping to south. Weneeded to utilize green and build an environmentally-friendly apartment combined with shops, to make itblend in with the area and to maintain its rental valuecontinuously. We adopted the wall greening method usingpots for the shop façades and the entrance of the
apartment. We also set up a courtyard-style garden on the artificial ground of the third floor and planter pots on the eaves of the upper floors so that all the internal surfaces will be covered with green.


I visit the courtyard from the 6th floor. Plants are provided on the inside of the common corridor handrail. Planting plants that fall down, periwinkle plants, hedera helix etc.


Green wall

Hedera and wire plants are used for wall greening between the store facade and the entrance of the house. Growth is good even under daylighting conditions on the north side, and it is imagined that the light green leaf color produces brightness. The facing wall of the wall greening system is a design wall that doubles as the wall of the building name plate installation. In order to secure the entrance approach width of the house, we aimed for the external space where a lot of green can be felt even if it is not a wide planting zone. By installing a hanging planter inside the wall and using an independent foundation, the soil surface was set at the foot of the fence, and a design was created where planting overflowed from the wall.


The bench space in the courtyard is surrounded by plants with negative tolerance such as kapok, jade, tsuwabuki, amadokoro, mountain hydrangea and hanging heart-shaped ivy.