The building which becomes the local nucleus

I settle in the area and am the rebuilding project by the lease back of Daimaru Peacock which I continued running as a landowner. Central real estate Co., Ltd. acquired land after the business proposal by several and built business.
The corner that the site contacts with a certain mall for a long time, and represents an area. It was a good location to say to ask for four minutes, and the construction of a new market and the design characteristics as the composition apartment complex appropriate to it and environment consideration were demanded from the station.
It was imaged that the neighborhood that included this building naturally as a place of the contact of local inhabitants functioned by there being the supermarket where daily shoppers gathered.
Therefore, around first floor store, a laborer such as making the perfection of the parking lot in consideration of the class of elderly person visitors and security of the parking space in the site, bench space among the green was done. In the wall surface of the parking lot pilotis, space advertising each store of "the contact street store society" is established.


green plan

I plant trees class more than 50 kinds, and the courtyard space of 8m *8m of the wall surface tree planting unit ground third floor part of 8m in height to connect two levels of store facades, entrance space of the house gently can enjoy life among the green.
When I watch green, and the fourth floor reaches the sixth floor part aiming at the increase in rate, I surround the common use corridor with a planting trout of 150mm *150mm, and it is with the plan that green overflows towards a courtyard colonnade.
I plant abundant planting seasonally in the planting area of the building circumference around the entrance circumference and contribute to neighboring scenes.


Plan of the house which attached great importance to comfort

In the courtyard and all 58 lease houses which faced the light court, the plan of 15 patterns in total was planned. The unit of a prefabricated bath and the kitchen tried becoming it to improve the livability of main efficiency of the 20 square meters level as much as possible. (Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd. cooperation) gained a prefabricated bath, a kitchen, a corridor, storing by this in 1 dwelling unit span 3,100 wide の, and pursued the area of the living space and the flexibility of the furniture layout as much as possible.