MR coordinate


Tokyo-to Arakawa-ku


Living Dining


It is the work of the model room coordinates that pushed forward the cause of the "TRINITY IDEA Inc." request suggesting a comfortable living from the field called the sale in lots of an apartment, a single-family house, the renovation.
I assumed one room of the new apartment and suggested the model room for the person planning one entering to live from now on


Viw from the sofa side to the dining


I want to coordinate falling model room to bowels nicely after the new family range of examining the purchase these articles associated convenience of the traffic, green tract of land environment, area characteristics.
When it is modern interpretation of the downtown area taste of good old Tokyo and is the North European design that similarity with the Japanese culture is talked about, I think that there is a hint in the spirituality which I continue using the good thing for for a long time.




Kids room


Living at night


The floating keyword is a careful living with dignity and the emotion depth.
In addition, it is expectation to new life with some stimulation.
I suggest graceful model room space widening the possibility to the new lifestyle in this such place.


concept plan


concept image


Crient TRINITY IDEA inc.
Location Tokyo-to Arakawa-ku
Building use Apartment complex (new construction)
Total floor area ****㎡
Dwelling unit ****㎡
The completion December, 2012