MR coordinate

Kumanomae MR

Tokyo-to Arakawa-ku



Living Dining


It is the work of the model room coordinates that pushed forward the cause of the "TRINITY IDEA Inc." request suggesting a comfortable living from the field called the sale in lots of an apartment, a single-family house, the renovation.
I assumed one room of the new apartment and suggested the model room for the person planning one entering to live from now on


Living Dining at night


The high-rise apartment complex which is built in front of Kumano that the convenience to transportation is extremely high, and is the terminal station of 2 lines.
DINK, the image for the area called Kumanomae that the new family layer imagines vaguely, facilities convenience, the quality of the building to examine the house acquisition with this location. I want to offer the model room coordinates that can take in these in a good balance.


Kids room


Living Dining at night (View from the sofa side)


It is a color of the interior and reminds of daily good-quality without the image of the life scene with the furniture making a show of mind.

It is new to fade in the reverse to feel anachronism as bald as an egg of the positive technical center product.

I let you mix these ways of thinking moderately, and it is our mission I choose here and come true, and to perform model room coordinates with the saleability.


concept plan


concept image


Crient TRINITY IDEA inc.
Location Tokyo-to Arakawa-ku
Building use Apartment complex (new construction)
Total floor area ****㎡
Dwelling unit ****㎡
The completion December, 2014