Fujimi Town, Chiyoda City, Tokyo. For the environment unique to an area of densely built wooden houses right at the heart of a metropolis, we proposed an idea to create the second outer wall indoors and make it a “garden.” The core of the plan is to create exterior-like space indoors and to lure a large spot of sunlight brought in the “garden” into the rooms. To extend hours with natural sunlight, we removed the second floor ceiling and set up a line of windows at the lower side of the gable roof, enabling the rooms to enjoy light most of hours with sunlight. We designed the interior so that light diffusely reflected in the “garden” can come through transom windows and blinds into the rooms, and also through a void space into the first floor.


The relationship between the indirect light provided from the top light through the column and the light provided from the blind shutter. The buffer space at the bottom of the column is used as a mini-study or storage arrangement. When the sun goes down, the indirect lighting installed in them is designed to bring light.


The living space on the first floor and the bedroom study on the second floor were reversed. The second floor, where you can most enjoy the light, is an integrated LDK space, and the first floor is a bedroom and study space. The direction of the stairs was reversed to improve space efficiency.


Left: Architectural facade before renovation Right: Architectural facade after renovation


The site is located at one corner of the wooden accumulation area that remains between buildings. The wooden 2nd floor storehouse at the end of the narrow road of about 1.5m which extends further from the 4m road was surrounded by houses etc. on the 4th floor, and the environment was extremely poor in daylighting. Some also saw a glimpse of the fragility of the structure sharing the outer wall. A couple and a family of 4 cats. The owner wanted to improve the habitability mainly on the renewal of the design and the stability of the structure and overcoming the darkness in anticipation of future rental.