TOKYO CLASSIC ForestClubhouse



Two buildings were designed as affiliated facilities of a golf club so that family of three generations can enjoy the activities. Horse Owners’ Club (a stable) was designed based on animal welfare where gentle horses, mostly retired, welcome guests. The whole site is planned to have enough space for horse riding and trekking routes. The outdoor playing and learning environment for children ware arranged, a kitchen space in Club House where vegetables harvested from fields using horse manure composting is cooked, bouldering, workshop space and nursery. The interior of the clubhouse building is also planned so that it can be easily arranged and renovated when necessary as the club matures.


View the clubhouse in the forest from the west. The height of the ceiling is 3,450mm, the height of the wooden core and sash inside is 2,400mm, and the green on the back side is transparent. Designed to fit the architecture to the tree crown with 300mm square columns and 300mm high beam turf mounds.


True country club life

Forest Club House was conceived as a transparent box melting in the forest landscape, with required functions such as reception, shop corner, rest spaces, kitchen, childe nursery, and handicraft atelier spaces. Simple and clear structure plan was adopted, in which concrete pillars of 300 mm square at 4 m pitch supports a floor with beam height of 300 mm.The newly filled architecture with a rough texture of concrete wall has reached the creating atmosphere as if it had been there from the past, and it represents a forest metaphor as if it were repetition of afforestation.


Horse-backed baso looking from the opening of the reception area at the owner club. Talk space of the beloved family. The scenery with horses spreads in the forest.


Drawing of the final plan that arrived after going through several ideas. We aimed for the appearance that the expression of the slender structural body and the surrounding green were synchronized.


At the clubhouse in the woods, I wanted to create a transparent box that floats up through the woods with the functions such as the required reception, merchandise sales, breaks, cooking, childcare, and crafting. A simple structural skeleton supporting concrete floors of 300mm square with a 4m pitch 300mm square, and a wooden core incorporating the equipment and equipment planning that determines various functions. The newly built architecture, with a rough finish, came to establish an architectural style as if it had been there before and as if it were a repeat of afforestation.


View down the window from the down floor. You can watch the horse walk from the viewpoint sitting on the sofa.


View the interior of the clubhouse store space in the forest. The outer sash is inset inside the structural frame. You can look at the owner club from the sofa space. The OSB-finished wooden core functions as a commodity display fixture and facility core space.


A platform with an image of undulation, a terrace FL of +3.750 from 1FL of +700. The terrace of +4.450 from the ground acquired a tree house space held in a tree crown. The steel-frame stairs leading there are made to sew existing trees, and it is a structure which recognizes a facing 2nd floor store through a roof turf ridge.


Landscape design

An approach is constructed by utilizing horse dung as fertilizer for the field and the harvested vegetables are cooked at the forest clubhouse. In addition, we designed the design according to the concept, including a route to ride outside from the owner club and a sign indicating the approach to each area from the golf course.